Darlin One - Coming Soon!

A super sweet font, without any of the calories.  I love the rounded look of this font, and of course the heart accents is the icing on the cake.  This font is really clean, and easy to read.  There are two fonts in this collection, one with a few hearts thrown in to lightly decorate and one with lots of hearts (in the bowls and tops of letters and punctuation.
The following OTF files are included:

  • Darlin One Regular (just a few hearts)
  • Darlin One Hearts Abound (lots of hearts)
  • Darlin One Thin (just a few hearts, with a thinner stroke to the letters and related characters)

The following letters & characters are included:

  • All uppercase letters
  • All lowercase letters
  • All numbers and expanded punctuation
  • Latin Accents

This font is available for personal & commercial use. I welcome all comments & messages about my font - and more will be coming soon! Enjoy!!