Lucky Lisp - Organic Collection

I've added a fun & organic font to my new collection. Though Lucky Lisp does not say his "S" and T" letters differently, he does have a few characters that have a little quirky edge to them. This font is really clean, easy to read and looks wonderful for organic and natural applications (like some of the examples shown in my pictures).
The following OTF files are included:

  • Lucky Lisp Regular (traditional spacing)
  • Lucky Lisp Narrow (condensed)
  • Lucky Lisp Bold (bold lettering)

The following letters & characters are included:

  • All uppercase letters
  • All lowercase letters
  • All numbers and expanded punctuation
  • Latin Accents

This font is available for personal & commercial use. I welcome all comments & messages about my font - and more will be coming soon! Enjoy!!

Add to Cart - $12
LuckyLisp-Image3 LuckyLisp-Image2